SA-DRC Chamber of Commerce

A partnership platform for SOUTH AFRICAN and CONGOLESE business communities.

Dedicated to developing and promoting business partnerships between its members in both SOUTH AFRICA and the DRC.


'All BRICS countries really need DRC'

On the eve of the BRICS summit, RT had a talk with the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce of South Africa and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Thierry Naweji Kankwala, who strongly believes that membership in the BRICS would mean a lot for both BRICS and the DRC because the country supports the values that the bloc represents.

About Us

The SA-DRC-T&I Chamber (South Africa – Democratic Republic of Congo Trade & Investment Chamber) has been established as a partnership platform for the SOUTH AFRICAN and CONGOLESE business communities.

The Chamber is a private non-profit organization dedicated to developing and promoting business partnerships between its members in both SOUTH AFRICA and the DRC.

At the SA-DRC-T&I Chamber, we believe that we can offer the unique and most appropriate platform of communication for our members to meet and discuss business issues and opportunities and resolve problems involving business in both countries.

The Chamber will facilitate partnerships with both private and public sector organizations to fast-track business development between our two countries.


To enhance the ongoing efforts of both countries to forge partnerships and projects promoting development and sustainability.

To promote reciprocal trade between the DRC and South Africa by providing a range of services and activities designed to facilitate business opportunities within the South African and Congolese business communities.

To provide our members with first hand business information, opportunities and appropriate links with South African or Congolese partners in each market.

Our Mission

To emphasize the importance for companies and individuals in understanding the potential benefits and opportunities that are open to South African business people in the DRC and to Congolese business people seeking to conduct business in South Africa.


2nd Floor, West Tower.
Nelson Mandela Square
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